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Refused & Re-appearing Students

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F1 Visa Cheetsheet?

F1 Visa Guide

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What is a Cheatsheet🤔

A cheatsheet is quick guide that has easy to read information, tips & hacks. 

Can Refused & Re-appearing students buy this Cheatsheet👇

Yes!✅ There is a Special Section for Refused cases.

How will I get the cheatsheet after making the payment 🧾

After making payment you will get a WhatsApp message containing the cheatsheet to your mobile number. 

How much time it will take to get the cheatsheet ⏰

Instantly the cheatsheet will be delivered to your WhatsApp📩

Will the cheatsheet be delivered to my home 📦

No, it is an E-Cheatsheet, it will be shared online only. You can print it and read it.

Does it contain answers as well or only questions 📑

Yes it contains both questions as well as answers.

Do I need to make my own answers ✍️

Only for questions that are personalised to you such as sponsors etc. It will be an easy fill in the blank type.

I have only one day left for my interview, Will this book be useful ⏳

Yes It will be useful. This book needs 4 hours only

What If they ask me something out of this cheatsheet 🤯

Well! We have thoroughly researched but still if this happens we will refund your money

How to contact your team ☎️

You can write us on or WhatsApp us on +91-7986112542

Backed by over 2000+ success stories, this cheat sheet has helped students crack their visa interview successfully over the past 2 years.

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